HID XENON spot light comparisson:

top: MY reflector with D1S 35W full powered

distance reflector wall:: 12 meter

24W H3 HID powered at 22W

24W H3 HID @ 22W installed in 55W Halogen refelector

To turn light into "spot-light” is not that easy. It is important to make the light source as small possible, ideally a spot. The reason for this is: the smaller the source of light, the higher the flux of light density.
Those new miniature short-bow lamps (Brightstar e.g.) are definitely smaller in glowing arc size then the automotive "burners" D1S/D2S 35W.
A 24W HID powered by a nucon AC ballast driven with 21W supplies 2000 lm and even more, although the volume of the light bow is only 25 % of a "classic" D1S/D2S. The light density is 2.5 higher then that of D1S/D2S lamps.

The new miniature short-bow lamps can easily be installed in low-priced (but good) chrome reflectors. The better and bigger the reflector is, the better the results.
The differences as seen in the reproduction above were produced under similar conditions.

HID XENON spot light comparisson part 2:

24W H3 HID powered at 22W (below) in a 55W Halogen H3 reflector compared to a D1S 35W full powered (above) in the same reflector. Judge by yourself!

top left:
D1S 35W powered at 35W

distance reflector wall: 12 meter

bottom left:
24W H3 HID powered at 22W