HID XENON hand lamp:

Our ballast is ideal for hand held light applications with more light you are thinking and the widest dimming range!

Suitable for emergency services, police, fire brigade, military, hunters or simple to have as much as possible light in the far distance.

Since we are not manufacturing commercial torch lights, like our customer, we just made a simple prototype design example based on an extruded profile and an easy to mount handle. The spot light reflector is a solid mold type with M4 screws.

The ballast can be programmed for the light source and wattage of choice, using a NIMH battery no extra electronics for dimming is needed.

HID dimmable power searchlight:

digital ballast type: B-R001
rotary 4 position switch: OFF 20W 45W 70W
dimm range: 1500-7000 Lumen
light source: DL50 (Fatboy) 50 EUR with Click On igniter JL-003
battery: 12 cell NimH 4,5Ah 800g
max running time: approx 145 min at 20W
spot reflector type: PK32REF1
weight: 2,2kg
length: 20,5cm
range: more than 300 meters

20W at 90m economic spot

70W at 90m a flood light

The last tree at 300 meter distance is easy visible ! A DL50 fatboy is a real HID super light and if you are having an 35W D1S overpowered at 50W you can not compete with such a toy against a DL50 fat boy blaster ;-)

Comparisson of the different intensities with a D700 DSLR camera under fixed sensor conditions. At 2m distance the spots are compared with ISO 100 and white ballance 3900K. The camera records the 20W hardly visible, because the aperture and time of exposure was adjusted to get the 70W Peak without driving the sensor in saturation!

Have a look on an amazing spot light comparisson between 35 W D1S and 22W miniature xenon bulb.

22W HID miniature light bulb with Nucon AC Ballast in fine rain outside. This special bulb beats so far every other design in light focus density.