High Intensity Discharge compared to HALOGEN

Get more consume less !!!! Saving energy you can every where !!

Application example fog lights and day time running lights

At this comparisson you see on both pictures on the left side a 24W HID H3 Brightstar bulb in operation electricall with 21W. Overall HID system power consumption is about 25W. The nominal 12V 55W halogen bulb is exactly tuned on nominal 12V. Measured power consumption was about 53W. Just consuming less than half than halogen HID provides much more and better light. Especially the new Nucon GbR developed AC technology for miniature HID xenon bulbs provides now more applications for the already car proven 35W D2S technology. Now available are very small light source dimension and the first time significantly reduced power consumption for mobile applications. Small day time running lights or fog lights for small vehicles and motor cycles can benefit now.

picture is mirrored for presentation reason

We can not yet measure it in our lab precisely. However it seems in direct comparissons with other lights sources the Nucon AC technology gains more visible light out of each watt that with an electrically 21W HID powered small xenon bulb we assume to obtain about 2000 lm . Klick below to see more about the POWER of the NEW HID technology!!!

miniature HID bulb

originale installed halogen 55W bulb

A halogen can not hide that it is a halogen..... even @ 100 Watts

Put inside a big Wesem reflector a H3 HID to retrofit your super cool rally lights!

Fog- projection light Titan Tec retrofitted with H3 32W dropstyle HID:

Fog projector Titan Tec with Halogen 55W iin comparisson with HID 32W

Fog projector Titan Tec shows even with much more HID light no difference of light distribution ! There is no danger of blinding

Projection light Titan Tec has a blue colored lense, however the halogen light is not converted into the blue