D1S D2S lamp current curve

The lamp's current curve has major influence on the electro-magnetical interference radiation of the xenon HID bulb and its ballast. Therefore the current curve of the nucon ballast was designed with not too fast current slope rates. But nevertheless the slope rate is fast enough to avoid a flash out of the arc at zero crossing. The reignition of the arc bow leads to heavy interference radiation over all radio bands. Because of the special wave form there is a state of the art US patented dimming range achieved !!

As it is shown in the scope picture a classical D1S 35W lamp is powered just with amazing low 17W which corresponds to a lamp current about half of the nominal current. By this dimming feature a Nucon ballast could grant a law conform car retrofit below a certain 2000 lumen limit.The 2000 lumen limit was the discussed edge from there it should be allowed to have an HID system running without the headlight washing and leveling system, which is expensive and can not been retrofited at required quality level of performance. Competitors ballast usually support just 28W as dimming, if this is a dimming at all?? Unfortunately politics and their lobby does not want to have a law conform retrofit. The EU protects the car industry demanding unshamy high prices for HID or LED headlights. As a consequence illegal Chinese crap ballasts are offered worldwide todo a retrofit with even faked HID bulbs of the brands Osram or Philips. EU has just the force to restrict their own economy but no balls todo anything efficient against fakes or illegal imports from China.