DC ballast 21W:
color shift along arc

AC 6,2 kHz Nucon ballast 21W:
equal color distribution

Spot image left side: AC Nucon ballast in combination with 21W reflector bulb, spot right side DC ballast with identical bulb. The glas reflector reflects partially the light, red lights are transmitted backwards. Although the reflector has no flat mirror surface you can see again a color shift to the outer edge (pictures are not digital reworked!).

Powering HID bulbs in AC mode you obtain a higher lumen wattage efficiency compared to the DC mode. At the AC mode you get at least about 80 Lumen per watt, while the DC modus is considerably lower at 50 Lumen per Watt: JENBO32W JENBO24W

21W HID reflector bulb with partially reflecting glas mirror.

The 24W HID bulb with partially transparent reflector offers an even better performance with our new technology. It is visible that a glas reflector with facettes in combination with our system is not needed we are loosing blue light backwards. Such reflectors for color correction had been developed for halogen technology and are in combination with our AC HID technology not required !!